On March 4th, I had an opening at the Edge Art Gallery in Rahway, NJ. This was my first show in my hometown! Some paintings that were displayed included ‘No One Will Lasso the Moon for Me But My Pet Tsunami,’  ’Sentinel Muse,’ ‘Dali Mermaid in Africa,’ ‘Yo Yo Red Wine River,’ and a new painting titled ‘Night Sojourn’, a night scene of hot air balloons.

'Blue, Purple, Red' art show @ The Edge Art Gallery, Rahway, NJ

Rahway is a city with an interesting history, as it served historically as a carriage town, being situated between New York City and Philadelphia. It was settled in the 1660s and chartered in 1858. Currently, Rahway is in the midst of a renaissance, and is cultivating its arts district by hosting a “First Thursday” each month.