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Back in April I planted some radish seeds with my Grandma in our plot at the Rahway Community Garden. Here’s a lovely bunch in a rainbow of pink, purple, red & white that my Grandma harvested last week

Rainbow of radishes

I painted Harvey’s very own growth chart! :) And I must say, his birthday party (and stegosaurus cake) were a success!

Harvey's giraffe growth chart

On March 4th, I had an opening at the Edge Art Gallery in Rahway, NJ. This was my first show in my hometown! Some paintings that were displayed included ‘No One Will Lasso the Moon for Me But My Pet Tsunami,’  ’Sentinel Muse,’ ‘Dali Mermaid in Africa,’ ‘Yo Yo Red Wine River,’ and a new painting titled ‘Night Sojourn’, a night scene of hot air balloons.

'Blue, Purple, Red' art show @ The Edge Art Gallery, Rahway, NJ

Rahway is a city with an interesting history, as it served historically as a carriage town, being situated between New York City and Philadelphia. It was settled in the 1660s and chartered in 1858. Currently, Rahway is in the midst of a renaissance, and is cultivating its arts district by hosting a “First Thursday” each month.



On May 1st, 2010, my son will be one year old!!! Unbelievable how time flies :)

So here’s the invitation I drew, and guess what kind of cake there will be? …. That’s right, a big green STEGOSAURUS (carrot) cake! Ssshhhhh…don’t tell Harvey ;)

how exciting to be inviting for Harvey's first birthday party!

This is a fun painting I did years ago and gave to my ultra cool, creative, supportive, and fun sister. I have others like it, and consider them to be in my “alien worlds” series.

… and this is one of the giant jaguars I painted for Otis Smith Kids’ Foundation’s “Big Cats for Kids” public art project in downtown Jacksonville, Florida in 2006. Its name is “B’alam Agab” which is Mayan for “Night Jaguar.”  I helped raised money for the disadvantaged youth there through the sponsorship of these pet projects. To view more works that please the eye, please see the “Art” section of my site.

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